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Leather Gloves Online and Fair Trade

Here at Leather Gloves Online, we think the hands that created the gloves that keep your hands warm need to be justly compensated, with a fair and living wage, and we do the best we can to source our gloves in a way that can make you proud to wear our products. Over the years we've shifted production as much as we can from those "low-wage" countries to higher quality, higher value (and not incidentally higher pay) Italy, Canada, and the United States. We actively seek out workshops and companies we trust to treat their employees with respect, provide them good working conditions, and if at all possible, workshops that are family owned and operated.

Honestly, it's a struggle and a process, as the forces of world globalization are constantly challenging us in our goal to eventually reach 100% of our glove production being produced under the most respectful fair-trade conditions, and we certainly are not there yet. However, we want to assure you that when you buy our premium brands: Fratelli Orsini, Fratelli Orsini Everyday, Raber Glove, Geier Glove, and Tough Gloves American Classics, you're contributing to a world where artisanship is honored, and the labor of those artisans is fairly rewarded. Knowing this, we hope you'll wear these premium brand gloves with as much pride as we take in making them.

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