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Our Featured Brands

Fratelli Orsini

Simply put, you are not going to find higher-quality gloves than those crafted in Italy by the designer artisans at Fratelli Orsini. We've literally searched the globe and these are the best of the best, the perfect combination of the finest materials, latest fashions and utmost craftsmanship in the true Italian tradition. Unlike gloves labeled Italian finish or Italian style, Fratelli Orsini gloves are actually made in Italy with the finest Italian materials certified by the European Union. Available in more than 100 styles for men and women, Fratelli Orsini leather gloves aren't just the best gloves available at Leather Gloves Online - they're the best leather gloves available anywhere.

Fratelli Orsini Everyday

Get an unbeatable price on genuine Italian leather gloves of the absolute highest quality with our men’s and women’s gloves by Fratelli Orsini Everyday. Using the same materials found in the world’s best leather gloves, renowned Italian glovemakers have crafted these premium gloves in simplified styles for everyday wear. Through an exclusive partnership with the manufacturers, we’re very pleased to offer these stylish gloves at significantly reduced prices, so now everyone can enjoy the luxury of genuine high-quality Italian leather gloves. When you want the same quality of Fratelli Orsini premium leather gloves in simplified styles and affordable prices for everyday wear, choose Fratelli Orsini Everyday.

Geier Glove Company

Geier Glove Company is one of the last remaining American glove manufacturers, and has been producing fine leather gloves for more than 80 years. Using only the best leathers – including North American deerskin, elkskin and bison – Geier gloves are crafted with the utmost regard for fit, comfort and wear. Leather Gloves Online offers nearly 20 styles of Geier men’s leather gloves, including reinforced roping and bullriding gloves, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle gauntlets, and tough Western work gloves for year-round wear. Choose from our large selection of leather gloves for work, dress, driving and riding, and wear them with pride knowing they’re made in the U.S.A. by Geier Glove Company.

Raber Glove Company

Abraham Raber founded the Raber Glove Manufacturing Company in 1941 to create high-quality leather gloves that could stand up to the harsh Canadian winters. Nearly 70 years later, the family-owned company is known throughout the world for its tradition of quality craftsmanship in men’s and women’s gloves. We offer many styles of Raber Gloves for a variety of uses, including leather dress gloves, chopper mitts, tough leather motorcycle gauntlets with sturdy protective cuffs, and even fashion gloves for everyday winter wear. All Raber gloves are made with high-quality materials including cowhide, horsehide, capeskin, cabretta, and hand-sewn deerskin, and the fact that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police trusts Raber as the exclusive maker of their official uniform gloves attests to their extremely high quality.

Damascus Gloves

For more than 50 years, Damascus Gloves has been a leader in tactical, shooting and patrol gloves for law enforcement, the military, and corrections facilities worldwide. From the most advanced reinforced riot control gloves, to SWAT rescue gloves, to classic patrolman leather gloves, Damascus Gloves deliver performance, comfort and durability for people who use their hands to perform in demanding situations, providing maximum safety and security when you need it most. Get the best protection, price and selection on police gloves, patrol gloves, tactical gloves, elite gloves, cut-resistant gloves, shooting gloves, ranger gloves, hunter gloves, and more made with quality materials including Thinsulate, Ultrathin, Dyna-Thin, Kevlar, Neoprene and much more.

Pratt and Hart

For the budget conscious consumer seeking high quality and high value for the right price Pratt and Hart is the right choice. Featuring simple classic styles, the no-frills approach of Pratt and Hart is the expression of their hardy Yankee New England roots, providing warm and practical gloves at a very affordable price. The reputation of Pratt and Hart for superior craftsmanship, quality leathers and classic good looks is matched only by their reputation for exceptional value. These gloves will never go out of fashion.

Tough Gloves

For more than 50 years, Damascus Gloves Elite styles like the D302 and D301 have been the standard by which all other police gloves have been measured. Although these gloves are no longer made by Damascus, Tough Gloves has taken up the banner and reproduced these famous gloves in every detail, with improved, thinner, higher quality cabretta leather by Pittards, and yet maintained the optimum performance, comfort and durability that these gloves have always been famous for.

Tough Gloves American Classics

Designed and manufactured in California of 100% American deerskin, these classic-styled gloves are the classic expression of American styling and craftsmenship. Made to be worn sleek and tight, our Tough Gloves American Classics feature the highest quality deerskin, which molds and stretches on your hand for a comfortable second-skin look. Be part of our effort to return glovemaking back to the USA with fair wages and high quality products that look great and you can be proud to wear everyday.

Hestra Gloves

Hestra's first glove was originally designed in Hestra, Sweden in 1936 by Martin Magnusson for lumberjacks who needed warmth and high durability for rugged conditions. When skiers began to visit Hestra, he realized they could also benefit from sturdy leather gloves and in 1941 Hestra's first ski glove was born. For 75 years, the Magnusson family continues to create premium gloves by utilizing natural materials including leather and wool. Today, the Magnusson's are now mentoring the fourth generation of glove making to continue the tradition of fine craftsmanship, testing and development of some of the finest gloves in the world.

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